Part 3: First draft digital game


The prototype link ( press here) : “A day in a slums residence’s shoe.”

After creating this draft my partner Omar Ouff and I asked our friends and classmates to try it out, and Based on the discussion we had with them, we decided to make the following changes in our game. First, we want to introduce a backstory about the governmental project of removing the slums, how the decision evolved and how unorganized the decision was in terms of execution. Then, we will add more options at the beginning of the game to incorporate multiple scenarios that could better express the overall idea. For example, we will make players choose whether they are single, married, have children or expecting a child in order to broaden the scope of our game and add more details to the story. In addition, we found that the game is too dull and contains a lot of sad details so we will change some of the choices to become more optimistic. Even so, the final outcome will have to be sad because that’s the whole point of the game; which is to show that the options the government gave to the slums residences were all inadequate. However, the options in between will have some positive outcomes before leading up to the ending and we may even add a humorous element to the choices to lighten up the overall mood of the game. Finally, we will try to stress on the emotions in the choices more strongly since the goal of the game is to evoke sympathy towards the slums residences. The phrasing of the words will be modified, more expressive words will be used and more details about the family of the player –if he/she chooses to have one- will be provided to make the emotionality of the game more apparent.

By : Dalia El Adl, and  Omar Ouff.

revised draft link :


7 thoughts on “Part 3: First draft digital game

  1. hi Dalia and Omar – this is a good start. I know you already have plans to add more details into it and I’m sure it will be better with the details. It was not clear to me if the buttons (squares around text) were themselves clickable, or only the ones where text was underlined? I can also see that you haven’t finished putting in all scenarios and options and that’s fine for a first draft. Looking forward to what comes next – I think you already have good plans!


  2. Dear Omar and Dalia, I really like the topic you’re addressing through this project. I understand that this is a first draft which obviously still requires some work. I’ve read the changes that you’re planning on doing and I think they would improve your digital game a good deal. I personally don’t however think that you should make the choices more optimistic as rainbows and butterflies are not the reality when everything is being taken away from you by force. I would also recommend less use of the color white as it is not that comfortable to the viewer. Best of Luck.

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  3. This game shows the reality of the poor livelohoods of some Egyptians. This game can be better by improving the grammar and putting more options


  4. Details in the story is really good but the events are all forcing you to choose one choice only. But oversll, it is good and i liked the story.


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