Contribution assignment

I want to contribute with the idea of integrating a movie in the class. We could watch a certain movie that express a topic we discussed and then reflect on this movie on our blogs. This movie could be divided into several classes or we could watch different parts from different movies. For instance, when […]

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Curation Assignment

In a world where freedom of speech is not allowed, five people were able to break the chains and say the things that others are afraid to say. These five people created a cartoon channel that combines humor with multiple social and political issues that Egyptians are facing. One of the people behind this channel […]

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Do Not Track

Breaking Ad The episode I decided to watch was the second episode named Breaking Ad. This episode talks about the history of ads on the internet and how internet cookies were developed and why. Advertisements on the internet transformed from being scattered all over the web page you open, to being designed specifically for you. […]

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