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    Having an access to information in this era is as important as having access to any other living resources. communities who do not have a wide access to information are certainly suffering to adapt to the changes that is happening in the world around them; they could die of diseases that could be […]

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Part 2 Game Prototype

The prototype link ( press here) : “A day in a slums residence’s shoe.”   One of my friends once told me that “Egypt is the best place to live in, but only if you have money.” looking at how underprivileged Egyptians live nowadays, one might find that his words are becoming more true everyday. Poor […]

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CLT reflection

On march the 4th, I attended the Student Faculty partnership workshop from 10 am till 12 pm. The workshop aim was to discuss the possibility of students contributing – with faculty members- to make academic decisions. The questions discussed regarding this topic includes whether it’s for the student best interest to have an equal role […]

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Part 1: Play games

I must say that this is a really fun assignment to do, the games I played were very entertaining  and I enjoyed them very much. the first game I played was “Bad News”, it’s a game where you tweet interesting news – mostly false ones – and in return people start following you. in the […]

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