Do Not Track

Breaking Ad

The episode I decided to watch was the second episode named Breaking Ad. This episode talks about the history of ads on the internet and how internet cookies were developed and why. Advertisements on the internet transformed from being scattered all over the web page you open, to being designed specifically for you. This transformation was the result of small web startup companies desire to make money out of the internet; they wanted to make companies invest in internet advertisements and promote their products and services online. The question was how could they  prove to the companies that they knew their customers and encourage investment in internet Ads; tracking customers was the answer to that question.

Cookies and internet tracking methods revolutionized advertisements. without these methods we would have been using only billboards and TV ads which depend on mass advertisements rather than targeted ones. This would mean that companies with low budgets and startups would have no chance to succeed. I know that cookies are invading users’ privacy, but we could not ignore the positive side of using them. I have been told by each marketing professor I had, that the internet is now the most important tool for reaching target markets and make our products visible to them.

We can not prevent the use of cookies, but we could absolutely make it safer. For instance, users must be able to deactivate the cookies whenever they feel like it. As it is mentioned in the episode, cookies could still be present even after we delete them; thus, we need to provide a way for users to permanently delete cookies. I agree with what the episode warn us about, but I know that our world without cookies would have much to lose. However limits on cookies’ usage must be set, and companies must respect the users’ right of privacy.




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