Final Draft: a Day in a Slums Resident Shoe

The link to the final draft:



The process of creating an educational game has been very exhausting for my partner Omar Ouff and I, and our passion for the cause made us change the situations more than once. However, since we had limited time, we were not able to dig deeper into the lives of the slums’ residents. we decided to use the information we had from online sources and news papers, and even though we still think that this game is not as perfect as we anticipated, we still believe that we were able to improve the game in this draft and make it more realistic.

after receiving some reviews from our friends and colleagues, we started to change several things in our game. For instance, some of our colleagues complained about how the game is making them move in circles rather than reaching a definite end; thus, we decided to make the game more on point with a fast and less confusing result. Even though we now feel that the game is way shorter, we are more confident with this draft. Another thing we decided to change was the application we used to develop the game; in our first and second drafts we used Google Slides, but in this draft we decided to use Google Forms. This decision was based on another review, which made us realize that Google slides made people feel that the game is long; for instance, when one of our colleagues opened the game, he was shocked by the number of slides we had and he told us that this made him feel less interested in the game. In addition, we decided to include visuals to make people more attracted to the game.

we honestly believe that we had given this project as much attention as possible, however we wanted to do more research on the topic. last week we decided that we were going to take pictures of one informal area we were interested in which is Haram Qal’at Salah El Din , but since our time was limited we did not have the chance to do so. Haram Qal’at Salah El Din is the place we are mentioning in our story, and I have personally visited the place once before to repair my car. We also wanted to interview people from these areas to make the situations more realistic. Another thing we could have done is having more situations. Moreover, we feel like we wanted to make the game entertaining as much as possible, which made less emotional. thus we wanted to work more on the game’s emotional connection.

The most important thing we learned from developing this game is that educational games need a lot of research to be developed. We also learned that the platforms we use daily could be used in various ways. in addition, we learned to accept feedback from others and use this feedback to achieve improvements. Moreover, developing this game helped us to recognize that developing an engaging content is the most effective way to raise awareness on such an emotional cause.

These are the links to our previous drafts: 

First draft:

Second Draft:


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