Part 2 Game Prototype

The prototype link ( press here) : “A day in a slums residence’s shoe.”


One of my friends once told me that “Egypt is the best place to live in, but only if you have money.” looking at how underprivileged Egyptians live nowadays, one might find that his words are becoming more true everyday. Poor people in Egypt lost the potential to enjoy the pleasures of life, and they only hope to survive. My game’s aim is to address one particular issue these people are currently facing, which is the removal of their homes in a plan set by the government to clear the city from slums and informal living areas.

People from all over the country used to come to Cairo and other major governorates in order to find jobs, get proper education, and live better lives. However, in order to do so, some of them had to build their houses illegally in areas that do not belong to them, which resulted in disrupting the urban plan of the city and the emerging of the slums crisis. In addition to breaking the law, these people destroyed the beauty of the city and its agricultural lands; that is why the removal of these areas has been always considered a priority to Egyptian governments over the years.

The plan set by the government intends to make Egypt free of slums and informal living areas by the year 2030. The government spent around one billion dollars in order to build projects that could accommodate the residences of these areas, and before removing each area, the residences are given the choice to either get an apartment in one of these projects or to receive an amount of money in exchange of leaving. After watching some online videos about slums residences protesting the government decisions, I felt the fear they must have experienced. After all, they were losing the only home they ever had, and in my opinion, they were not provided with fair solutions in return. Most of the projects the government built, were extremely far away from the places they used to live in and worked in. Furthermore, the money that is offered to them, would never compensate their losses and would not give them the chance to have the same life they had before the removal of their houses. Moreover, many of these residences would not only lose their homes, but they would also lose their workplaces. Thus, my partner Omar Ouff and I decided to design this game in order to make people more aware of the critical situations some of these residences are going to face, and hopefully, encourage them to help these people find better opportunities.






4 thoughts on “Part 2 Game Prototype

      1. It’s more clear this way I think. we did want to state the scenarios only since we had to double the amount. I hope it’s okay with you. And also we had many ideas so we needed to put it in this way in order to get your feedback and help you imagine how the game is going to be.


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