Part 1: Play games

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I must say that this is a really fun assignment to do, the games I played were very entertaining  and I enjoyed them very much. the first game I played was “Bad News”, it’s a game where you tweet interesting news – mostly false ones – and in return people start following you. in the game I completed the six stages necessary to become famous on tweeter and after completing each stage I got a badge  for it and then continued to the next stage. this game basically shows how people could deceive others through fake news and emotional headlines. The game makes you lose confidence about certain news you see every day on social media, it was fun but I felt like it was too long.

My favorite two non students games were “Spent” and “BBC Syrian Refugees”, you must like those too because they are going straight to your emotions, they just make you appreciate your life. Spent put you in a desperate American’s shoes  who had to find a  job even if it is not paying much in order to save his house and children, and it shows how the “system” could not  be unfair to those who are in need. after I finished the game I automatically pressed the donation button, but then I felt guilty for doing so because I know that my country has more severe cases of people who need help. Furthermore,  Bury Me My Love is a game that educate people about the crucial situations Syrian Refugees face, and for me this got really personal because I know someone Who had to lose all his wealth to the civil war, and even though He was able to get to Egypt, his family and he could bedeported anytime after he finishes his education. 

After playing these three games I decided to check three students’ games which are Street Sweepers, Female Fighter and Know Yourself , I have to say that the games ideas were very impressive and well thought of, some were a little bit long, but I still enjoyed them. My favorite one was the Street Sweeper game because it really brings your attention to details about street sweepers you never thought of. I think every Egyptian has some kind of doubts about people who ask for money and usually people assume they are faking their needs, but this game helped me look at street sweepers differently. another thing I liked about this game is that it had some positive situations like the person who helped the sweepers and gave him new clothes which is something that I did not find in the other two students’ games.



Bury me, my love

“Bad News”

Street Sweepers (Fadila Hassib, 2017)

Female Fighter

Know Yourself


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