Digital literacy activity



The result of this test was not a surprise to me at all since I have always distance myself from technology. I started to be more open to technology when I got into AUC, but other than the academic work I do online or using basic software’s like Microsoft office, I don’t really use technology that much.

The RHET 1010 and REHT 1020 courses taught me how to find, use and evaluate online data, that is probably why I scored better in the find and use section. On the other hand, I had to deal with other complex software’s like Photoshop to be able to create certain features in some projects I worked on while taking other courses, but I had to have some assistance every time I used these software’s and would probably need proper training to be able to used them alone, which is why I am still not confident to create and innovate using technology.

In addition, the internet could be a helpful tool to learn new things and I have tried to take online courses before, but unfortunately I feel like I am more committed to the physical presence rather than the virtual one, that’s why I usually don’t finish these courses. However, this is something that I would like to change, because I have come to realize that these courses are less time consuming and more efficient than the courses I must physically attend. That’s why I hope this course would allow me to better accept and embrace technology as a learning tool.


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